Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Step into Summer with Yankee Candles

I am a big fan of Yankee Candles so when these new fragrances were launched I couldn't wait to try them out. I purchase mine from Yankee as you get points every time you spend, so you can accumulate them and then use them as money off a next order. The packaging is always great and I have never received anything faulty or incorrect... touch wood! 
I picked up 3 out of the 5 new Q2 Summer fragrances; Pink Dragon Fruit, Wild Passionfruit, and Fruit Fusion.

If I haven't smelt the fragrance of a candle before, I always purchase either the wax tart or the sampler. It is a cost effective way to 'try out' the fragrance before committing to a large jar (for the record I only purchase the large jars as they are most value for my money).
Yankee recommend you put the entire wax tart into your oil burner for optimum results, but to be honest, thats just wasting the tart in my opinion. What I do is slice up the tarts into 8 separate pieces, wrap up in cling film to keep fresh, and use only one piece as and when required. The tart will turn into a wax liquid (the same colour as the tart!) but it will not evaporate like regular oils...the smell will simply weaken and eventually, after about 4 hours, you will be left with just the oil in the burner.
A clean way to remove the oil is to pop the burner into the freezer for about 10-15 minutes, then when you take it out, tease the edge of the frozen oil with a tooth pic (or something similar) and the frozen oil will come away clean in one chunk. Don't try to re-burn another piece of wax tart before the burner has reached room temperate or else the tart piece will burn around the edges to a liquid, but the middle will remain hard gloop.

Now onto the frangrances:
Pink Dragon Fruit - I don't actually know what dragon fruit smells of as I have never eaten one but this fragrance is definitely colouful and intriguing. It does have a distinctly tropical aroma to it, something I would describe as similar to tangy sweet strawberries with just a hint of zesty lemon. Absolutely lovely.
Wild Passionfruit - Bright and vivacious, this exotic passionfruit is blended with melon and mandarin. The melon is subtle, the mandarin is more apparent, and the passionfruit is extremely true to life. A fresh, fruity, summer fragrance that is not too heavy or sickly.
Fruit Fusion - Berries, orange and lime make this sunny fruit blend refreshingly tart and sweet. Definitely the most heaviest out of all 3, but still very useable. The notes are typical of sweet oranges more so than berries, but the lime in this brings out the zesty-ness, so the overall smell is not at all heavy or sickly like some of the typical 'orange winter' fragrances.

Overall, I will definitely be purchasing the corresponding large jars of these fragrances. The bright, summer colours of the candles themselves will look lovely this time of year and bring a Summer feeling indoors as weather in the UK is pretty rubbish at the moment :-(

Have you purchased anything from the Yankee Candle Q2 collection? Tried mixing 2 pieces of tart to create a unique flavour before? Let me know...

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