Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Snake Skin Nails

Hey you guys!

So I came across this video today & just HAD to do a post on it! Bio Sculpture Gel have created a new snake skin manicure & pedicure! SAY WHAT!
In case you didn't know, Bio Sculpture Gel is the leading gel product for nails worldwide. With over 150 colours, & the only certified 5* rating, they are in my opinion the best product one can use. I did a course 7 years ago on beauty/nails and trained directly with Bio so I am not only a technician, but I do genuinely love the brand and everything it offers. I can't reccomend Bio enough!

This new snake skin mani & pedi works by applying the gel in the same way you would for a regular colour treatment, but before you finish off with your final layer of sealer gel, REAL shedded snake skin is cut up to fit your nails and applied directly on top of the colour overlay, with sealer gel applied on top of that to cure to a high shine!

Check out the link below:

What do you guys think of this new trend that has taken the US by storm?

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Daft Punk - Something About Us

It might not be the right time, I might not be the right one…
but there’s something about us I want to say, cause there’s something between us anyway
I might not be the right one, it might not be the right time
but there’s something about us I’ve got to do, some kinda secret I will share with you
I need you more than anything in my life, I want you more than anything in my life,
I’ll miss you more than anyone in my life, I love you more than anyone in my life.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Holiday Blues...

Hey you guys!

Just a quick update on whats going on in my life. I just got back from my Easter holiday abroad and I have serious holiday blues going on right now... Even though the sunshine is out and the weather is incredibly nice in Manchester, I can't help but miss my family abroad and everything else that comes along with it... uncontrollable laughter, huge consumptions of food, chilling with my loved ones, partying, and lots of tanning on the beach! Hmma :-(

I have put on near enough 3/4 of a stone in the past 3 weeks... shocking I know! I was doing ALOT of chilling so that combined with the yummy meals I was having 3x a day it was inevitable that I would put on some weight. I was looking into some classes before I left and they are at an average of £5 a class. I decided yesterday that I would commit to a local gym membership and managed to grab myself a good deal which works out at £25 a month. The gym has lots and lots of classes that I can attend, not to mention a free 6 week personal trainer so I think I got myself a pretty good deal. I will do a more in depth post sometime this week!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter! XOXO