Friday, 8 April 2011

How to get rid of Cellulite - Step 3

Hey you guys!

Ok so my final step to preventing cellulite is the use of Lush Sugar Scrubs. Priced now at £2.65 for one (they used to be £2.50!), you can get 4 uses from one piece. I chop mine up in quarters making it just under 70p for each use.
Sugar Scrub is a vegan product aimed at diminishing cellulite using sugar, cream of tater, lavender, ginger and fennel extracts. The ginger and fennel oil extracts are the 2 active ingredients that help to minimise the look of cellulite with lavender oil having a soothing effect on the skin.
As this product is made from sugar it is not supposed to be used in water (i.e. in the bath). While showering, you need to ensure that the designated area is wet, and then with your quarter, gently rub the sugar scrub over your skin. The scrub is quite gritty so you will definitely have to start with a light hand or you will end up seriously scratching your skin. You will notice that the scrub will begin to break apart ever so slightly... at this point you should continue to massage the sugar scrub with a more firmer hand into the skin. Rub your skin for a few minutes while the scrub starts to lather up, and then rinse off with warm water. Your skin will look a little red - don't worry though, this is just the deep exfoliation of your skin cells. You yourself can determine how hard to rub the scrub into your skin.
I specifically use the Lush Sugar Scrub on my thighs and after the first use you immediately notice a difference - skin is left super smooth and soft, freshly exfoliated, with the added bonus of active ingredients penetrating the skin to combat those problem areas.
I tend to save my Sugar Scrub chunks for special events/holidays as the results really are that noticeable. I try to use a whole sugar scrub a week before a special event (where my thighs might be on show due to a dress im wearing, or a week before im due to go away on the beach). I would suggest that if you are going on holiday, take a few chunks away with you, and each time you have a shower, just use one of these chunks on the backs of your thighs. They will definitely improve the look of your skin for the next morning!

Which scrubs do you use to combat cellulite?


  1. is this for real??!! if so, I'm in... my jelly celly needs it lol

  2. they are great! I really do see/feel a difference in my skin each time I use them x