Saturday, 26 March 2011

Boots Botanics Moisturising Sugar Scrub

Botanics, the power of plants...

This scrub contains hydrating Grapeseed Oil, which is hydrating and rich in linoleic acid, which helps reinforce the skin's barrier to stop skin drying out, instantly giving you smoother, moisturised skin.

This scrub works best on damp skin - not wet skin! After showering I apply some in my hands and massage in to my skin.
I like to use this product after I shave as I feel that it not only moisturises intensely, but it also smooths my skin. I don't know about you but if I shave my legs at 8am in the shower, guarantee by 8pm I feel 'sandy grain'. I do find that after applying this scrub, my legs appear smoother for longer.
The texture is not rough at all, its actually very soft, firm but soft (excuse my wrinkly fingers lol). You could hold the pot upside down and not a single drop of product would move. It almost reminds me of salt dough. Personally, I love the scent; very fresh but with a sweet pungent lingering smell - sort of vanilla but not your typical vanilla, more of a fresh leafy vanilla, if that makes sense!

After rinsing off it leaves your skin with a slight grease like film, intensely moisturised and smelling fabulous! This is the ONLY moisturising scrub that I use.

Whats your favourite moisturising scrub?

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