Monday, 14 February 2011

Lush Storage

Happy Valentines Day!!

First of all apologies for the lack in posting, I've been super busy with work at the moment, so im just squeezing in a quick post on how I store my Lush products.
For those of you who don't know, the Lush range consists of fresh handmade natural cosmetics, including soaps, bath bombs, shower gels, shampoos etc. You can buy Lush from one of their many stores around the world, found on most high streets, and also online; although recently, the UK website was hacked which resulted in a number of customers having their credit card details fraudulently used. Lush have annoucned that;
'they are currently building a new website which will go live in a couple of months, and that a team of forensic investigators are currently analsying their web servers to provide a report on the security breach'.

Back to the way I store my Lush products. I really only purchase the soaps, bath bombs, and sugar scrubs. I find that the best way to preserve the freshness of the products is to wrap them up individually with cling film. This not only allows you to easily identify what product is what, but the scent of each product will also linger in the air faintly, with the added bonus of maintaining the freshness.
With the soaps I personally like to slice them up and wrap each slice in cling film so that I dont clutter my bathroom with lots of lush soaps. This makes it sooo much easier when I want to use them as I have pre cut the required slice big enough to get through one wash in the shower or bath.

How do you store your lush products?

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