Monday, 4 April 2011

How to get rid of Cellulite - Step 1

Hey you guys!

As the summer is approaching I thought I would do a couple of posts on cellulite with my 3 steps to preventing &/or minimising the look of it.

At a size 6/8, 5'3, weighing 8 stone I am not considered plump let alone over weight but the truth is cellulite affects most women no matter what shape or size you are. Last summer I noticed dimples on the back of my thighs at the top and near my bum. I don't have a straight stick thin figure, I do have curves in the right places. I have always done around 20 sit-ups a day to maintain a toned, flat tummy, but I have never done any other form of exercise. I never wanted/needed to lose weight as I love my curvy derrière, plus I have high metabolism so im lucky enough to be able to eat what I want and still remain a petite size 6/8.

I decided last September that I would combat my cellulite in 3 easy steps.
The first step was to start working out 3-5 times a week to tone up my body. I have been following 2 workout regimes - both found on YouTube!

The first is The Beach Bum Workout which is great! This workout tones up your arms, legs, & bums. It is not designed for you to lose weight, it is designed to help you tone up your body. What I like about this workout is there are 3 ladies to follow; each one doing the same workout, but at slightly different stages (beginner, intermediate, advanced).
As YouTube only allows each video to be up to 15 minutes in length, you have to search and save each clip, and then stop and play the each video, when the other one finishes.... So what I did was downloaded each video to my MacBook and import them on iMovie to compress the full 45 minute session into 1 clip - that way I can just open up iMovie and play the entire workout.
The workout starts with a warm up and I then go on to do arms, legs, bums, and finally a cool down. Now let me tell you, you will definitely feel this workout the next day on your body, but in a good way! The tension lets you know you did a good job! I do this workout usually after breakfast, or if im having a busy day, I will do it in the evening around 7pm.

Another workout that I came across is the Island Girl Workout (Tahitian Workout). You learn a selection of Hula steps, combined with fitness moves to deliver amazing results. What I love about this workout is throughout the entire session your legs are slightly bent, so your thighs really feel the punch. Perfect for combatting cellulite! In addition to this, your stomach muscles are constantly contracting, so although your not directly doing sit ups, your stomach is still getting a really good workout as well. I would probably say that this workout is much more harder than the Beach Bum Workout. I tend to do this workout every 3 days when I want to switch it up a little from the Beach Bum Workout. I don't know why but I always feel like "im dying" when im doing this workout LOL. You will definitely need the bottle of water at arms reach for this one!

Have any of you tried either of these workouts? If this is your first time doing the workout after reading this post how did you get on?
Step 2 to combatting cellulite coming soon....


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