Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mac MSF - In the Groove collection

Hey you guys!

So I was cleaning up my make up drawer this morning and just thought I would do a quick post on a couple of my MSF's (mineralise skin finish's).
Mac describe them as; A luxurious velvet-soft powder with high-frost metallic finish. Smoothes on: adds buffed-up highlights to cheeks, brows, anywhere on the body: provides an ultra-deluxe polish to the skin".

I got mine from the In the Groove collection which came out June/July 2010. I had never used any MSF before so I was eager to try them out and I must say, 9 months later and I am still loving them! They are the sort of product that you can use with a light foundation to just give you a more brighter glowing complexion without having to go through the whole, contour, blush, highlight scenario. They work great if you just want a flush of colour, a simple bronzed look, or a dewy highlight.
From left to right:

Comfort is a bronzed golden shade, which looks great with a tan or a more darker skin tone. Can look a bit orangey on my olive complexion unless I have had a spray tan, so I have been saving this one for when I go on holiday.

Stereo Rose is a rich golden coral with bronze undertones which is absolutely gorgeous! I ended up going back to buy another one of these babies!

By Candlelight is a golden pink shade which appears very golden vanilla on my skin tone, not so much pink, but still very lovely. I have been using this to double up as a highlighter.

I also have Petticoat which has a much cooler tone to it. I am yet to create a look with this one but when I do I will post a pic.

Whats your favourite MSF & how do you use yours?

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