Thursday, 3 February 2011

Usher OMG Tour

On Wednesday 26th January one of my friends treated me to the Usher concert as a birthday present. I have always wanted to see Usher live so this was a real treat for me!
That day I washed/blow dried my hair then put them in Velcro volume rollers as I wanted to have swishy big hair for the night. I personally feel that these rollers work best on longer hair when you have layers, as this defines the volume and gives your hair more of that classic Victoria Secret Angels look. I left the rollers in for approximately 6 hours and when I took them out, with a little backcombing and hair spray my hair was lovely and big, just how I wanted it.
Now, back to the concert… We had lower tier seats which were great as we had a full view of Usher, and as the seating rows are slightly slanted, the row in front of us were not obstructing our views! We danced the whole night away singing along to all the classics “U make me wanna”, “Nice & Slow”, “U remind me”, “U got it bad”, “Burn”, “Caught up”, “Confessions”, along with some extras, a Michael Jackson tribute set, and of course, releases from his latest album “OMG”, “DJ Got Us Fallin In Love”. I wasn’t too impressed with Tinchy Stryder, his support act, but as for Usher, the show was great – a true performer, who can sing, dance, get the crowd off their feet, and most importantly, connect with the audience. I will definitely be searching EBay in a couple of weeks to try and get myself some more tickets for 20th February show in the MEN. Usher, I adored you when I was 13 when I first heard “U make me wanna”, and 10 years down the line I adore u even more! :-)

Have any of you seen Usher on his OMG tour? In concert before?? What did you guys think?

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  1. I saw Usher this year too! He was great! I LOVED the 8701 album songs when he sung them i melted lool. Totally missed Tinchy strider but heard like what you said he wasnt that great!