Sunday, 17 February 2013

Rose Gold Heaven with Nikki Lissoni

I recently came across the Nikki Lissoni jewellery range at a local jewellers and it was love at first sight. I am totally obsessed with rose gold and have been looking for some sort of rose gold neckwear that can compliment my beloved Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch.

Now don't you just hate it when retailers try to sell you their display products? I mean I'm not being funny but if I'm spending a good chunk of money in a store the least they could do is honor your wish of a special order... I mean if I'm paying for the goods it should be up to me whether I want display goods or fresh goods! The girl in the local jewellery store was adamant that they 'don't do special orders as the coin I wanted was right there in display'... ermmm that's my point, it has been manhandled by how many people?!!? This ultimately led me to leave the shop empty handed and surf the internet like a mad woman trying to find the set I wanted online. I ended up buying my jewellery from Jewel First and I would highly recommend them. Not only do they have the entire Nikki Lissoni range available to buy online, but the items are fresh from the warehouse. I literally placed my order Tuesday 12th at 2:30pm, and my goods were with me at 11:30am Wednesday 13th. I was emailed a tracking number as soon as they were despatched (which is very important with e-shopping) and they sent me a little marketing booklet showcasing the entire range for me to lust over. Very happy customer.

With this range you pick your 3 elements separately; the chain, the pendent, and the coin. They come in either Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold (all plated). You can either have a set in the same finish, or mix and match. What I really love about this brand, is that there is a huge selection of coins available. For someone like myself who has an element of addictive personality disorder this may prove to be a financial problem. However, the prices of the coins are very reasonable so that in itself is a good enough justification for me to treat myself. 
As you can see the pendent opens up via 2 little inserts on the side. Now this isn't exactly an easy thing to open up; you sort of need to use your thumbnail of one hand and index nail of the other to flick open the pendent. I have Bio Sculpture Gel nails so I didn't have to worry about breaking a nail but I would imagine this to be quite damaging to natural nails. On the plus side you don't have to worry about the pendent accidentally opening up and loosing your coin! You can then change your coin and re-snap the pendent shut and voila, a beautiful new design. I love it!

I went for the Rose Gold 80cm length chain NR03RG80, Rose Gold 35mm Pendent P03RGM, and 2 coins: one Rose Gold coin encrusted with Swarovski crystals C1131RGM and one Silver coin C1000SM. I am very pleased with the length of chain I went for along with the 2 coins. The quality of this jewellery is beautiful and solid. As it is plated you obviously have to be careful with perfume etc as this could tarnish the jewellery but they have been made with a coating to help prevent tarnishing...but still, it's not a risk I would like to take! I already have further items tucked away in my wishlist so roll on payday :-o.

Heres a picture of me wearing the necklace so you can see the length. The sparkle is amazing!

I am in Rose Gold Jewellery Heaven...


  1. We are hoping to start stocking Nikki Lissoni coins online and as its fairly new I have been looking for some feedback to what people think. Your blog is one of the first I stumbled upon and i'm so glad to hear you love the collection.

    I to am a rose gold fanatic and would possibly go with rose gold mixed with silver and a little bit of sparkle in the coins. I have a rose gold storm watch and they would match perfectly!
    I'll be sure to check your blog to keep up to date with your collection :)

    1. I have since purchased more pieces from the Nikki Lissoni range so will do another post on those soon! You will love the collection it really is fab xxx

  2. my husband purchased me 2 inserts to go with outer plus chain love it as I can interchange