Monday, 23 April 2012

Accessory Storage

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I recently re-decorated my bedroom and decided that it was time I came up with a more appropriate way to store my accessories. 
I keep my belts on a rack in the wardrobe but the main issue I had were how to store my hair accessories and scarves. I don't like having lots of clutter on dressing tables or chests of drawers as it can just makes the entire room look so messy, so I rearranged the contents of one of my chests so that I could use 2 drawers to hold all my hair accessories and scarves - nice and neat, out of sight.

This is my top drawer. I used an old sunglasses box to store all my hair flowers in the top right hand corner. I then used an old Louis Vuitton box (the one which you get with the purses) and placed that on the top left hand corner to hold all my hair bands. I then used another Louis Vuitton box in front of that and cut out 2 dividers; one horizontal, and one vertical, to separate out my hair bobbles, mini clips, and grips. Towards the bottom right hand side I had a little gap that was the perfect size to store my bun ring!

Obviously you can substitute and use any old box you have – it just so happens that I was using the LV purse boxes to store my purses, which are now just kept in their dust bags, so I thought instead of throwing them out I would make use out of them!

I love how everything is in one drawer, easy to access, clear to see what’s what, and more importantly out of sight! 

The next drawer down holds some scarves. I have simply rolled them up instead of folding them as it makes it easier for me to see what I have – I always used to go for the same scarf time and time again because I couldn’t be bothered going through layers to see what else I had – this way I get use out of all of them.

How do you store your hair accessories and scarves? 

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